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PartnerLab™ Service and Solutions

Once all of your components have been received, inspected, and inventoried by Access Genetics, we conduct a systematic staging process of most components of your molecular lab suite at our facility.

Access Genetics utilizes your lab's workflow and physical layout plan when assembling and integrating the hardware components, accommodating your specific installation logistics to support optimum functionality.

Prior to shipment to your lab, we conduct pre-implementation quality control checks, charge and program pipettes and conduct all calibrations and validations on the thermocycler. We also load and test all software specific to your testing requirements, including direct links to all web-based tools that assist your technologists.

During integration and installation phases, Access Genetics compiles a binder of documentation, including:

  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Accuracy & Precision Verification Documents for Pipettes
  • Copies of Warranty Cards; completed and submitted
  • Equipment Manuals
  • Relevant Technical Updates
  • Thermometer Temperature Verification Document
  • Web Store Ordering Info
  • Support Contact Sheets
  • Customer Training Evaluation Forms

This binder helps fulfill regulatory requirements and provides ready reference for your technologists.

Concurrent with the equipment assembly and integration activities, Access Genetics schedules all aspects of on-site installation with the lab manager to maximize efficiency. Lab responsibilities are clearly defined, including identifying and scheduling technologists for training and collecting specimens for both training and assay validation.

Access Genetics' trainer completes on-site installation, including calibrations and quality checks so technologist training can commence without interruption. Installation typically requires a half-day, based on the number and types of assays your lab will perform. Technologist training begins after the installation is complete, and is usually concluded within two to five days, depending on number of assays and specimen types. Upon completion of training, your technologists are prepared to proceed with assay development and validations.