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PartnerLab™ Service and Solutions

Calling on our extensive experience in operating molecular laboratories, Access Genetics assists you in accurately evaluating the business opportunity of implementing your own molecular testing program. By projecting your potential revenues and initial set-up and operational costs, you are able to evaluate your anticipated ROI before incurring any costs.

Access Genetics assists you in developing a molecular testing menu to complement your practice by performing an analysis of your current patient demographics and testing trends, and then comparing it with data from laboratories of similar size and patient populations.

We then apply current pricing averages to provide you with credible revenue projections that match your projected testing volume and payer reimbursement mix. We also help you determine what equipment and supplies you need to integrate molecular testing capabilities into your existing lab.

Access Genetics conducts a thorough site assessment of your existing laboratory or available space to identify minimum space requirements and determine how necessary molecular testing hardware can integrate with your lab's existing equipment. The goal is to utilize existing lab space whenever possible, and to make us of existing equipment already available in your laboratory to minimize space and costs.

We provide a complete list of equipment that includes all the elements you will need to build a molecular lab. This ala carte list is created to provide the best choices at the lowest price. Our ongoing relationship with a variety of high quality manufacturers allows procurement of state-of-the-art equipment at market competitive prices, and to keep our partner labs current with technology updates as they come to market.

Using the findings from our site assessment, Access Genetics employs our online Lab Configurator tool to create a custom lab design that matches your prospective test offering. We incorporate good laboratory practice standards to assure efficient workflow for test output, while helping keep start-up and operational costs at a minimum. This detailed analysis covers all aspects of design:

  • Electrical, Fixture & Connectivity Needs
  • Existing Lab Equipment Utilization
  • Unidirectional Workflow Guidelines
  • Regulatory & Safety Considerations