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PartnerLab™ Service and Solutions

Coinciding with your equipment installation, Access Genetics' comprehensive technologist training program ensures that your molecular genetics testing is launched with technical competence and complete lab management requirements in place. Access Genetics trainers reinforce Good Laboratory Practice standards throughout
the training.

Access Genetics trains your technologists on desktop standard operating procedures (SOPs)
for DNA extraction, gene chemistry, detection and digital capture. Standard training
packages include:

  • Up to five days of training, depending on test mix and sample types
  • Up to two technologists
  • Training supplies and reagents
  • Sample placement templates and worksheets
  • Easily accessible web-based tools for instant answers to questions on techniques and testing criteria

Preceding this training, we provide you with recommendations for specimen collection and
advise you on the types and quantities of specimens to collect for the training session.
Your lab is responsible for:

  • Acquiring specimens used during training
  • Scheduling technologists for dedicated training
  • Preparation for validation studies

Our Technologist Qualification Documentation certifies that each technologist has been trained per CLIA standards and provides required documentation for your personnel folders.