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On-Going Support

LabKits™ Materials Optimization

A Great Lean Supply Chain Program for General Purpose Materials!

Best-of-class molecular materials in optimized convenience kits
in quantities designed to better suit your laboratory's needs.

All the "Required But Not Supplied" Items

Standardize your consumables by purchasing all the ancillary materials needed to support your laboratory’s assays online with one click. Regardless of whether your lab has validated
LDT’s or IVD’s, Access Genetics can offer assistance.

Contact us today about our standard LabKits™ or ask how
we can design a custom package specialized for your laboratory requirements.

Simplify Your Material Ordering

Dramatically reduce your transaction costs by purchasing and receiving materials from fewer suppliers. Web-based ordering linked from Access TeleGene simplifies purchasing and provides efficiencies so you can focus on running your lab. Inventory is also monitored through Access TeleGene.

General Purpose Materials Include:

• Enzymes • Buffers • Water • Dyes • Slides • Filters • Pipette Tips • Plates • Seals
• Tubes & Caps • Transfer Pipettes • Reagent Reservoirs • Gels • Process Guides, Aids, & More.