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Partner Labs

Access Genetics assists CLIA-certified highly complex laboratories in establishing in-house molecular genetic programs.

CentraCare Health System
"Our working relationship with Access Genetics has allowed us to provide quality test results for our patients, providers and clients. It has given us an opportunity to expand our capabilities in the area of Thrombophilia testing in a cost-effective manner."

Coordinator of Technical Services
CentraCare Health System
St. Cloud, MN

Seacoast Pathology
"With the complete consultative support we received from Access Genetics, our laboratory
was able to set up a CLIA compliant molecular department in a matter of weeks. With the quicker turnaround time, we now add the Access Genetic results to our cytology diagnosis to produce an integrated report for physician convenience. Our clients really appreciate that from the one Pap collection we can perform a variety of tests, without an additional collection procedure."

Laboratory Manager
Seacoast Pathology
Exeter, NH

University of Minnesota
“We can get results out faster (with TeleGene™), and it’s a more streamlined system than older methods, which required more filling in of paper reports and checking boxes and things like that.”

Dr. Anthony Killeen
Associate Professor and director of medical laboratories
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN

West Coast Pathology Laboratories
“(TeleGene™) and the methodologies that we have learned from Access Genetics provides us with a commercial advantage. The platform that Access Genetics offers us….provides us much greater accuracy and sensitivity than what is currently on the market for conventional testing.”

Dr. John Compagno
Medical Director
West Coast Pathology Laboratories
Hercules, CA